Operating Excellence Intensive

Equipping Busy Executives and Teams to Operate in a Perpetual State of Performance and Well-Being.


Are you managing your life like an amateur or a pro?

You can’t be amateur as it relates to the management of your life and expect to live a joy-filled, purpose-driven, high-performing life.

You may succeed at times, but you’re going to have to do it through grit and grind. This only gets you so far, is exhausting, and limits your consistency and performance.

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Be a pro in how you manage your life

We help our clients build a custom-fit Life Management System. It’s like being in the personal command center of your life. It’s the ability to make clearer, more conscious, and more constructive decisions at a level most don’t experience in their lives.

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Master Your Life Management System

We guide executives and teams through three critical phases in the OE-I Program:


Accelerate your progress in the directions of your life and work that are most meaningful to you.


Sustain your progress by grounding your system in a foundation of strong relationships, physical and mental strength, and well-being.


Maximize your results by establishing clarity on the key leverage points of your life and work so you can generate greater results in less time.

OE Scott

I have achieved things I never thought I'd achieve. Since working with OE, my career has exploded having been promoted 3 times and my salary has grown 2.5X. I am happier than I have been in many years and love my life every day. OE's concrete, actionable and applicable advice, training and feedback helped me to build comprehension on key principles and the ability to apply my learnings to multiple aspects of my life using repeatable processes.

Scott C.

OE Dominique

OE's impact has been invaluable. The Operating Excellence program has provided a roadmap and empowered the team with the systems, strategy, and mindset to continuously get better. Our leadership team has built stronger relationships together because of the work with Operating Excellence. It has made a huge difference to the culture of our office.

Dominque D.

OE-I Program Guide


Participants engage in three one-month training periods.

Each training period contains four live sessions accompanied by training materials and resources.

Each training period is followed by a month-long implementation period.

Our cadence has been developed to ensure comprehension, application, and sustainability for our clients.


Core question: Where am I?

The first step toward building a system of sustained excellence is a comprehensive and objective assessment of what already exists. If you’re not supremely aware of where you are it’s going to make it very difficult and challenging to dial in to where you want to go.


Core question: Where do I want to go?

The second step toward building a system of sustained excellence is comprehensive and compelling clarity on what you desire. Clarity is power and a lack of clarity is crippling. Most people have a very limited sense of clarity, or if they do have it, it’s only in certain areas and they lack it in others. 


Core question: How do I get there?

The third step toward building a system of sustained excellence is leveraging strategic activity vehicles that eliminate waste and accelerate your progress in what you’ve determined to be a meaningful direction. Strategic Activity is the ability to operate from a clear sense of priority, elevate your focus on your highest priorities, and see your biggest priorities through to execution.


The fourth step toward building a system of sustained excellence is conjoining Awareness, Clarity, and Strategic Activity into a simple and repeatable process. A true turning point session, once introduced to World-Class Strategist, a common sentiment we hear from clients is, “After learning how to operate and manage my life like this, how can I ever go back?”

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Sky’s The Limit Guarantee

All of our work is backed by our Sky’s The Limit Guarantee.

If after Session 2 of the OE-I program you do not believe that your experience meets or exceeds your expectation, we will refund your investment in full.